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free download

free download

Keep 4 320 minutes a year

App automatically selects exercises for every workout.

Save 5 040 dollars a year

You don't need personal trainer - train yourself with the app.

Achieve 100% efficiency

Recommendation system tells what to do to minimize the risk of injury.


We automatically select different exercises for each workout and make recommendations during course of the exercises and the whole training process (rest time, number of sets, weights, number of repetitions) based on the training objectives, level of training, selected muscle groups, improvised tools and other data, including training diary. This allows you to make your workouts are not similar to each other and thus create stress training required for effective development.

How it works

1. Download the app

2. Enter your profile

3. Choose goal, muscles and equipment

4. We'll select exercises and recommendations especialy for you

5. Complete all exercises and fill the diary

The result won't keep you waiting

  • 100+ exercises on different muscle groups

  • personalized settings

  • automatic selection of exercises

  • creation of a set of exercises

  • training management

  • recommendation system

  • rest timer

  • reminders

  • training diary

  • exercise statistics


  • no annoying advertising

Train anytime and anywhere


Sport ground


Achieve any goals

Weight gain

Weight loss

Tonus support

Strength increase

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